We are your trusted agile team.


Our specialties:

Worry-free Features

Sometimes you'll run out of time or energy to build all the features you want. We will work with your existing code base and add or change functionality following your code style.

Shape Up and Ship

Your customers have too many bugs. We will analyze the problems with your current solution and recommend changes. Next, we'll implement the fixes and help your staff improve.

Devilish Details

Requirements Documentation and Specifications are the hardest part of writing software. We can scope and research the toughest project. Hire us to write bullet proof artifacts.

Perfect Process

Your developers are wasting time doing things other than writing code. We'll organize your project and processes so that it's delivered on time and on budget.

Headshot of Steven Tauber

Steve Tauber

Keeps things running smoothly and writes superior documentation. He has experience as a senior programmer, project manager, and trainer. Steve's background in supporting cutting-edge infrastructure for national ISPs adds to an already diverse skill set. In his free time, Steve supports Seattle Sounders FC and goes swimming with his dog, Dina.

The Future Branch Logo

Our Principles

  • Speak the truth even if it's painful.
  • Pay debts owed, technical and social.
  • Maintain balance: life and work; wants and needs.
  • Consider your impact, since everything is connected.
  • Relax and breathe.
Headshot of Pinguino Kolb

Pinguino Kolb

Specializes in UX, Branding, Print, and Interactive design. She delivered many successful technical and creative projects while spending much of her career at Universal, servicing the design needs across its varied portfolio of digital properties, cable brands, NBC Olympics, theme parks, and corporate projects. You can find Pinguino playing with dogecoin whenever she can.

Headshot of Maggie Maglicic

Maggie Magličić

Delivers complex React Native projects. Her background in SVG and web animations round out an already excellent skill set. Magdalena mastered all things web and has most recently focused on React Native applications and their complexities. In her free time, she loves to sing karaoke and design tattoos.

Headshot of Toni Peric

Toni Perić

Solves complex server-side problems. Toni enjoys understanding issues at very deep levels. He loves to share his knowledge and he's eager to learn. He's helped to built nationally scaled performant sites using Symfony and caching layers. Toni enjoys bowling and complaining about football referees.

Headshot of Davor Plehati

Davor Plehati

Secures and builds servers. Davor is an expert when it comes to writing secure code and building scaling systems. Not only does he have massive amounts of experience as a senior developer, but he also architects continuous integration and continuous deployment systems. Davor loves to spend most of his time with his family.

Headshot of Denis Buketa

Denis Buketa

Builds award winning Android apps. His focus on perfecting mobile apps has created a wake of beautiful and functional apps. Denis prides himself on building efficient Java and Kotlin for easily maintainable projects. You'll find him running or biking in his free time.

Headshot of Ivan Rep

Ivan Rep

Engineering beyond perfect iOS apps. He has refined his craft in both Swift and objective C. Ivan has built apps for clientele in many different markets so he brings a unique perspective to every project. He enjoys listening to metal music and searching for the perfect wurst.

Headshot of Dina Delight (a dog)

Dina Delight

Woof! Dina makes sure the office gets plenty of exercise! She specializes in long walks in the forest, swimming in rivers, and digging holes. She helps to create a calm office.

Cuddli logo


Future Branch designed and built all aspects of this dating app including branding, API architecture, and mobile app development. The product was available on iOS and Android.

Wirl logo


From conception to implementation, Future Branch has helped to deliver this product to market. We built the API architecture in CakePHP and shipped an iOS app.

Trikoder logo


Future Branch provided Project Management and process efficiency services to Trikoder. We also served as Product Owner for internal systems.

Phobos Group logo

Phobos Group

We built a custom software solution for Phobos Group. Unfortunately we can't say much more than that!

Pricing per person


$800 (€700)/day

  • Short term engagements
  • One concurrent expert


$685 (€600)/day

  • Medium term engagements
  • Multiple experts delivering solutions
  • Stable and consistent availability
  • Longer warranty periods


$575 (€500)/day

  • Long term engagements
  • Full team focus on your project
  • Stable and consistent availability
  • Longest warranty periods available
  • Technical training optional
  • Save 15% compared to Better package!